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Online consultation using Dialogue DX

We work with you to design a consultation or participation process. This involves developing an understanding of your objectives, target audiences and any limiting factors, as well as a clear sense of how you want to use the results. This enables us to recommend the most appropriate process.

Where an online process is the right solution, we work with you to deliver every aspect: stakeholder analysis, recruitment, process design, configuration of the website, telephone and e-mail support lines for participants and analysis and collation of the results.

Dialogue DX is a powerful application that enables an Intranet or the Internet to be used for collecting, collating and distributing information and opinion in an easily accessible format.

The system is not based on e-forums or chat rooms, but on a series of user-friendly templates integrated with a sophisticated data management system. Dialogue DX enables us to organise very large volumes of information rapidly, and to tailor any consultation or information gathering exercise to meet specific needs and objectives.

We have recently run consultation processes using Dialogue DX for the DTI, Small Business Service, The Energy Savings Trust, and the Metropolitan Police.

"The facility for participants to “save” responses and go back to complete/modify them was a concept I’ve not seen before. It was invaluable. Thank you." - A participant.


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