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Face-to-face consultation and dialogue

Good meetings don’t happen by chance. Sometimes even careful thought and preparation will not be enough.

This is when you should think about using a professional facilitator. And we don’t just mean someone to scribble on flip charts.

Dialogue by Design has extensive experience and a long track record of designing, managing and running successful face-to-face consultation and engagement processes. Together with partners such as The Environment Council and a network of facilitators and mediators all over the country and overseas, we can design and run complex processes designed to meet your needs.

Increasingly we find clients are asking us to develop projects that use a combination of face-to-face and electronic techniques to ensure participation is extensive and effective as well as convenient for all.

Over the past few years our directors have been responsible for designing and running workshops and facilitated meetings for, among others, Shell, RTZ, the World Bank, The Environment Agency, Monsanto, BP, The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Hampshire County Council, Suffolk County Council, the Welsh Assembly, The Energy Savings Trust and many others from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

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