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Our Services

We provide web-based and face-to-face consultation and participation processes. Each is designed and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the situation.

Our web-based tools enable clients to:

  • co-draft documents
  • run brainstorming sessions
  • design and manage large-scale public consultations
  • initiate public debates
  • seek responses to consultation documents.

We have tools that can gather and manage qualitative comment from tens, hundreds or thousands of people. Our processes can be seen to be open, transparent and responsive, while promoting understanding and learning amongst large and geographically dispersed groups. We can also integrate face-to-face and web-based consultation processes.

"This has to be the best method of communication yet for an exercise of this sort. I hope this kind of information gathering will continue so that the channels are kept open between the Police and the Public." - A participant.


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