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Co-drafting tool

Ever tried to get a room full of people to agree a shared document? You’ll feel lucky if you get beyond the first page - or even the title.

Dialogue by Design’s co-drafting tool enables co-drafting of documents. Often using face-to-face workshops as part of the development process, this tool takes a draft document, divides it into sections and gives people the opportunity to suggest changes.

All the comments are collected and collated, and the editor adopts the best and changes the document accordingly. Then the document goes back on the website so that everyone can see it - the original text, the suggested comments and the editor's revisions.

This can happen as many times as people want - until the document is in a form acceptable to everyone.

We have recently used the co-drafting tool to develop documents for The British Wind Energy Association, The Minerals Industry Research Organisation and The Environment Agency

We will shortly launch an addition to the co-drafting tool....

a precision editing tool

This will enable participants to suggest detailed text changes for a document, see suggestions made by the other participants, and how the document has subsequently been edited.

It is basically a 'track changes' tool - but one that allows tens, hundreds or even thousands of people to see the tracks and the changes.

"I was very impressed by the consultation, which was, in my view, one of the best I’ve ever been involved with." - A participant.


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