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2005 Training Workshops

Following the success of Dialogue by Design's 2003/4 training workshops we will be offering a similar series over 2005/6.

In response to participant requests we have decided to run a sequence of three workshops together, in London and Leeds, every spring, summer and autumn.

Participants can book for one, two or all three days; there are significant discounts for attending more than one workshop.

2005 Programme

Some quotes from previous course members:-

"A very intelligent approach and the issues - not just a set of tools, but good tools as well. ”

"Very good use of providing examples to demonstrate theory”

"There were practical tips and tools that I can already envisage using in my role”

"Very stimulating and relevant”

"Professional , easy style, very relevant”

"It was well balanced - mixture of group and small group work”

"Great experience and use of examples”

Workshop A: Making Consultation Work (One day)

The demand for authentic public and stakeholder consultation grows year on year. As public service emphasis shifts to customer choice, and concern grows about declining involvement in political processes, so the need to understand the public's real interests increases.

But so also does 'consultation fatigue'. People want consultation to be short, sharp and effective: they want to say what they really think; they want to know that they are being listened to; and they want to see results.

Who this workshop is for

  • Consultation managers in central and local government
  • Consultation managers in the public services, especially health, criminal justice and education.

What it covers:

This workshop will tell you how to:

  • Target consultation
  • Maximise participation
  • Design a consultation process
  • Choose the right consultation method(s)
  • Feed the results back to participants.

Workshop B: Running Public Meetings (One day)

Consultation managers often dread running public meetings. Will anyone come? If they do come, how will they behave? Will a vociferous minority hijack the meeting and heckle the speakers? And what happens if it all goes wrong and makes the situation worse?

Public meetings need not be a nightmare - providing they are properly conceived and carefully facilitated.

Who this workshop is for

  • Consultation managers or other officials entrusted with running public meetings
  • Chairs of committees
  • Elected representatives from central and local government.

What it covers:

This workshop will tell you how to:

  • Set realistic objectives
  • Design the meeting process
  • Draft invitations
  • Brief speakers
  • Manage the use of time
  • Use breakout groups
  • Record contributions
  • Deal with hostile criticism

Workshop C: Running Electronic Consultation Processes (Half day)

There is currently an explosion of interest in the potential of electronic consultation processes. At the same time, many people's actual experience of electronic consultation processes has been less positive than it might have been.

This half-day workshop explains clearly what technology is currently available, how to use it, and how to avoid some common pitfalls.

Who this workshop is for:

  • Policy-makers in central, regional and local government who want to use electronic consultation processes
  • Officers and Members in local authorities responsible for e-democracy and public participation
  • Consultation managers in health, environment and criminal justice organisations

What it covers:

  • Electronic consultation methods
  • Strengths and weaknesses of different methods
  • Design and management of electronic consultation processes
  • How to integrate electronic with conventional methods of public consultation.

Booking information

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Dates and places

Workshop A: Making Consultation Work
Workshop B: Running Public Meetings
Workshop C: Running Electronic Consultation Processes

London Workshop A Workshop B Workshop C
March 2005
June 2005
October 2005


Leeds Workshop A Workshop B Workshop C
March 2005
May 2005
October 2005


Workshop A: £295
Workshop B: £295
Workshop C: £140

Book two places at any combination of Training Workshops and save %15
Book three or more places at any combination of Training Workshops and save %25

All prices excluding VAT.


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