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Some of the comments from participants in Dialogue by Design consultation processes:-

"Excellent way of doing consultation. Not too time consuming and easy to follow! "

"Found this exercise interesting and found the items that were of great importance others thought in a similar way."

"I think this is a brilliant means of consultation, though there will always those who have no access to the internet and are therefore unable to contribute. The response to our contributions has been collated very quickly, and it all seems to be very efficient. I hope you are able to manage a similar type of consultation next year"

"The facility for participants to “save” responses and go back to complete/modify them was a concept I’ve not seen before. It was invaluable. Thank you."

"3 cheers for the helpful people at Dialogue by Design for their help in logging in due to a stupid mistake on my part. Website itself very good and easy to use. Delighted you have not used any stupid artistic effects or pictures which always get in the way and slow responses"

"I believe this to be a useful way to consult, and as the large majority of people have access to a computer (even in high poverty areas like Tottenham!!), this is a good way to reach many people. The exercises were easy to use and quick.
Nice to have the opportunity to contribute in this way. "

"Very thought-provoking information that I shall find very useful in my work as Cabinet member for Community Safety
This has to be the best method of communication yet for an exercise of this sort. I hope this kind of information gathering will continue so that the channels are kept open between the Police and the Public."

"I found it very interesting to read other people's comments and it helped me think through my responses. Having the 3 sessions and the feedback on initial sessions really helped - made it feel responsive and 'organic'.
I enjoyed using the site, clear guides to how to use the site enabled me to move around easily, even for someone new to the internet it would have been easy to use."

"I rang DbyD wishing to discuss some reservations I had about the voting methodology. I was most impressed by the professional, friendly, positive-minded attitude of those with whom I talked"

"I was very impressed by the consultation, which was, in my view, one of the best I’ve ever been involved with."

"The structure of the consultation was impressive."

"The garnering of opinions as a starting point was a brave and (as a web exercise) innovative approach which produced a remarkably inclusive range of topics."

"The analysis of these opinions and the subsequent formulation of themes was also impressive. I felt that the themes accurately represented the opinions that had been put forward. Too often, in consultations, one feels that there are views that are missing and that there is no way to have them included. Your high quality procedures ensured that this short-coming was avoided. This is important to those of us who take consultation seriously and know - sadly - that many can be little more than palliative PR exercises. Thank you for taking our views seriously."

"It is the first time I have been involved in an electronic consultation of this nature and I found it to be an appropriate format and tool for communicating views."

"The best survey I have completed, either on web or paper, Excellent and others should copy. I would guess your response rate has been very good"

"This consultation was pleasing to take part in as being electronic, it was paperless, tidy and easy to complete and return.
Although not being a computer whiz the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow."

"This is a method that should be more widely used in the future. Can you calculate the total energy savings etc through cutting out paper & postage? A really good way of demonstrating sustainability in action."

"The manner in which results were collated and presented was very good given the wide range of views you were dealing with. Highlighting comments for each section also proved very useful in clarifying the numbers and was worth the extra reading. "

"Feedback was good. You made it clear that numeric interpretation should be read with caution which was important in the collation of qualitative results. The interpretation overall was interesting"



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