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A consultancy specialising in providing process design and facilitation services primarily in the environmental sector. 3KQ helps organisations work effectively with their partners and stakeholders to make decisions that are better-informed, robust and more effectively implemented. (opens in new tab/window)

Collingwood Environmental Planning

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Collingwood Environmental Planning are a small, dynamic and multi-disciplinary consultancy, established in 1995, based in London and working throughout the UK, EU and internationally. They provide a broad spectrum of practical and advisory services in environmental and sustainability assessment and planning, with a research and capacity building focus to much of their work. Collingwood Environmental Planning work with their clients to deliver sustainable solutions to challenging issues, providing a professional, conscientious and innovative approach. (opens in new tab/window)


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Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global provider of environmental, health and safety, risk, and social consulting services. They deliver innovative solutions for business and government clients, helping them understand and manage their impacts on the world around them. They have 137 offices in 39 countries and employ approximately 3,600 staff. (opens in new tab/window)


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Icarus exists to get people working well together so that they can make better decisions. They specialise in planning, doing and reviewing stakeholder engagement. Icarus make sure that everyone who needs to be involved in a decision, issue, strategy or plan will have their voice heard and can actively participate in the process. (opens in new tab/window)

InterAct Networks

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InterAct Networks is an alliance of experienced practitioners, researchers, writers and policy makers committed to putting participatory, deliberative and co-operative approaches at the heart of debate, decision-making and action across the UK. (opens in new tab/window)


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Since 1989, Intersol have helped organisations in Canada and abroad achieve their most pressing objectives and prepare to act upon future opportunities.

They provide clients with methods, tools and skills to build their organisational capacity-enabling them to envision, plan for, and achieve the futures they truly want. Intersol's emphasis is on creating opportunities for people to develop collaborative relationships and engage in meaningful conversations about the issues that are important to them and their organisations.

Intersol believe that people are the most crucial resource in any organisation. The team consists of experienced, skilled and dedicated people focused on helping organisations build the capacity to reach their highest objectives.

Services fall into three principal categories: consulting, facilitation and learning. (opens in new tab/window)

The Meridian Institute

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Dialogue by Design works with the Meridian Institute on a range of collaborative processes in North America.

Meridian Institute is a US based non-profit organisation whose mission is to solve problems and resolve conflicts arising from the integration of environmental, health, economic and social issues. (opens in new tab/window)


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'OpenStrategy is a commons-based peer production system for multi-stakeholder planning which captures and liberates the collective wisdom of all stakeholders to enable individual actions to evolve in a collaborative community framework.' - The OpenStrategy Book

OpenStrategy was developed in order to create a better way for communities to work together. It provides an alternative to the traditional, top-down management and strategy planning processes that too often fail to achieve outcomes that benefit communities and their stakeholders, by providing tools to allow stakeholders within a community to work together in a collaborative, transparent, and strategic manner. (opens in new tab/window)


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OPM provides innovative services in consultancy, people development, research and specialist support. Their work covers an range of fields including stakeholder engagement, Analytical studies and research, organisational development, and event organisation and support. (opens in new tab/window)

Plus Four

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Plus Four is an independent, full-service market research company based in London and Manchester providing both quantitative and qualitative research to clients in many different markets.

They undertake both business-to-business and consumer research, and having conducted over 16,000 projects since 1970, they are sure to have the experience required. (opens in new tab/window)


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We work with Public-i on a range of public sector projects.

The Public-i product set provides a unique combination of e-participation tools. Public-i has been created in order to support the growing e-democracy agenda. It brings together best practice tools to support openness and accessibility in government and to increase engagement with and participation by citizens.

Public-i are the leading supplier of webcasting tools and services to the public sector. Webcasting allows local authorities to transmit meetings, briefings or events from either onsite or offsite locations over the internet. (opens in new tab/window)

The Environment Council

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The Environment Council is a unique organisation dedicated to enabling people to make decisions that build lasting solutions to environmental issues. It works through raising awareness and understanding, through promoting stakeholder engagement and convening stakeholder dialogue. (opens in new tab/window)


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Think-Lab is the UK's first full-service communications practice to combine the best techniques in commercial PR with a solid understanding of science, ensuring you don't have to compromise.

With more than 15 years experience, They develop and deliver creative and powerful communication products and campaigns that change the way people understand science. (opens in new tab/window)



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