Analysis of Responses

A vital and frequently underestimated part of carrying out a consultation is the analysis of participants' responses. Dialogue by Design's bespoke analysis system is designed to handle large amounts of qualitative data. Our experienced researchers perform a robust analysis that appreciates the finer detail, which consultations on sensitive issues often require.

Our analysis approach has a unique combination of advantages:

  • Our systems are able to integrate information collected online, from paper-based response forms, letters or over the telephone, and gather the data into a single database, increasing quality and transparency.
  • Qualitative, quantitative and demographic data can all be analysed simultaneously within our databases, increasing efficiency and delivering value for money.
  • We work closely with the client throughout the analysis process, ensuring responses are analysed in the right level of detail. We provide a dedicated website to enable the client to scrutinise the analysis both during and after the process.
  • Our system allows you to query the data - for example to decipher how respondents answer one question, given that they have particular concerns about another.
  • Each submission is tracked as it passes through our data management systems, resulting in a full audit trail of the analysis, making the analysis entirely transparent.

We have developed our analysis system together with our system for online consultations, but we also frequently use the analysis system to perform the analysis of consultation data gathered by others.

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Case studies

To see some more detailed examples of our work take a look at our project case studies. In particular:

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