Case studies

We have compiled a number of case studies that give you an idea of our work in various areas of consultation and engagement. Some of the case studies also go on to explain what we have learned which may be of value to others.


Dialogue by Design were early pioneers of online public and stakeholder engagement. Our innovative work in this field has given us a long track record both in the United Kingdom and further afield, and we have worked for organisations in every sector and on a huge range of projects.

The case studies below outline a series of online consultations which we have undertaken. Although each project is approached in a similar manner the delivery and reporting is specific to the project.

Face to face

It is worth saying that despite all the excitement about online engagement and eDemocracy initiatives, sometimes there is just no substitute for sitting down with people and talking with them.

Sometimes however, we sense a degree of reluctance to do this: getting people to complete a questionnaire or participate in an online process can seem more efficient and offer less opportunity for embarrassing confrontations. We can help deliver smoother outcomes when organising a meeting appears like a challenge, be it in the area of event design, managing conflicting stakeholder interests or logistics. The case studies below illustrate the different ways in which face-to-face meetings can be used.

Integrated methods

When we speak of 'integration', it can stand for two different tasks:

  • combining responses received via different channels, e.g. online, by post, by email, into a consultation database which allows us to analyse all these responses together
  • using different methods within one engagement project, e.g. combining an online consultation with stakeholder workshops

We strive to achieve integration of online and offline responses, and integration of stakeholders with a number of engagement methodologies.

Many of the case studies outlined under 'electronic' involved the integration of online and offline responses. The case studies below, however, focus on the integration of a number of engagement methodologies for a particular project.

Current consultations

To find out more about some of our current projects please go to the Current projects page.



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