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New appointments at Dialogue by Design

We're delighted to announce some changes at Dialogue by Design. Helen Ashley has been appointed Deputy Chief Executive; Fionnuala Ratcliffe has been appointed Senior Project Manager and Ian Thompson has been appointed Analysis Manager.

Open data, big data, rich data?

Photo: Lucy Farrow

July 25, 2013 by Lucy Farrow

Lucy thinks about data after attending the Open Data Institute’s inaugural members’ networking event.

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To ‘pressing citizenship and democratisation’ – the most memorable toast

Photo: Maria Stanescu

July 8, 2013 by Maria Stanescu

Maria recalls a recent event promoting more active citizenship and public participation in Romanian democracy.

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What’s really going on in the minds of NIMBYs?

Photo: Mark Denley

June 20, 2013 by Mark Denley

Mark considers the psychology of ‘nimbyism’ in relation to planning applications.

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The community energy revolution has already begun

Photo: Fionnuala Ratcliffe

June 14, 2013 by Fionnuala Ratcliffe

Fionnuala writes about Ed Davey’s call for a community energy revolution referencing DbyD’s involvement the Low Carbon Communities Challenge.

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Of the people, for the people, by the people: crowd sourcing government

Photo: Lucy Farrow

June 7, 2013 by Lucy Farrow

Lucy discusses how the government’s use of crowd-sourcing marks a move towards a more active model of democracy.

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Kai Rudat, Dialogue by Design director

Photo: Kai Rudat

We recently had the sad and shocking news of the sudden death of a much-loved and respected colleague, Kai Rudat, who had been a director at OPM for more than 16 years, and of Dialogue by Design since January 2012. A service of remembrance took place on 27th November and many current and former OPM and Dialogue by Design members attended to pay their respects. We expect to make arrangements to commemorate Kai's life and many contributions to public services at a future date.

PRESS RELEASE - 3 February 2012

Dialogue by Design is now part of the OPM Group. OPM is an independent public interest company that builds capacity to improve social results.

OPM and Dialogue by Design have collaborated for a number of years on consultation projects covering science, health and the environment and have strong shared values. Dialogue by Design's capacity complements the consultation and engagement expertise that is a long established part of OPM's portfolio.

Co-founder of Dialogue by Design Pippa Hyam, who will continue to work on an associate basis, said: "OPM has always been a natural partner for us, with complementary values, ways of working, skills and expertise. Being part of the OPM Group will allow Dialogue by Design to continue to deliver the highest standards of support to existing clients whilst developing new relationships."

See our press release for more details about the acquisition.

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Newsletter archive

Prior to 2011, Dialogue by Design published a regular email newsletter providing news on our work and a range of articles and think-pieces. While we no longer publish the newsletter, we have archived the articles in our Newsletter archive as we believe that the points discussed are still relevant in many cases and may prove of interest to others.



Photo: Lucy Farrow Open data, big data, rich data?
By Lucy Farrow

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DECC Low Carbon Communities Challenge
A two-year project testing ways to cut emissions at the community level.

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Dialogue Designer is a free tool which offers guidance in choosing the best engagement process for any given task.

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