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Large scale public engagement

We have worked on a number of projects that meant finding creative ways to run consultation and engagement processes. For example, the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) asked us to find ways to engage with large numbers of lay people all over the UK about the public acceptability of different forms of nuclear waste disposal. CoRWM wanted to avoid an opinion poll, preferring to seek views based on a discussion of different people's values.

In response to this we developed a 'discussion guide', providing people with information, instructions and a response form. This was marketed widely to community groups all over the country (such as Women's Institutes, Parish Councils, schools, universities, environmental and amenity groups). We encouraged such groups to use the guide at meetings, discuss the issues and fill in the forms and return them to us either on paper or online.

All the responses we receive are entered into a database and will be presented on the project website. The database also allows extensive analysis which will be reported to CoRWM and used to inform their recommendations to the government.

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