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Stage 1: Design

Stage 2: Recruitment

Stage 3: Implementation

Stage 4: Analysis

Stage 5: Reporting

Stage 6: Evaluation

Stage 7: Resolution

Methods: Web-based

Methods: Meeting-based

Methods: Paper-based

Methods: Integrated

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Overview of our Services

Dialogue by Design is the only consultation specialist working in the UK with the experience to design and run any type of consultation or participation process.

Stages of engagement

We cover all seven stages of the engagement process.

Stage 1 - Design: Lay solid foundations for the whole process and avoid problems later on.
Stage 2 - Recruitment: Stakeholder analysis and profiling, recruitment and the building of databases.
Stage 3 - Implementation: A complete set of services in the area of implementation using the methods most appropriate to the task.
Stage 4 - Analysis: Comprehensive services in qualitative analysis of responses.
Stage 5 - Reporting: Designed to be both accessible and transparent.
Stage 6 - Evaluation: Comprehensive and easy to use.
Stage 7 - Resolution: Post-engagement services to bring harmony to divided groups.


We carry out consultations and other types of engagement process using methods that are most appropriate to the task at hand.

Online methods: Purpose-designed tools used by over 40 organisations internationally.
Workshop or meeting-based: We are experienced facilitators.
Paper-based: We can manage the collection of paper submissions, creating an electronic database for rapid reporting and easily prepared summaries.
Integrated approach: In many situations combining more than one method is the best way to reach diverse groups.

If you would like to learn more about what we have done recently please visit the case studies section.

Along with consultation services we also offer extensive supporting services, courses and workshops and various types of facilitation.


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