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Stage 4: Analysis


Engaging and consulting people is just the beginning. What people say also has to be received, collated, analysed, and interpreted.

Imagine you are the person who has to read hundreds or even thousands of submissions and then summarise them for a report. You have to organise all that information before you can even read it - and somehow you have to keep track of what it all means before you can even begin to summarise it.

This is why Dialogue by Design has developed software that enables every submission to be displayed on a single screen. All you then have to do is read a submission and decide how to file and cross-reference it.

You can then see exactly how many people have mentioned which issues, and you can even use a keyword search to find specific responses to copy and paste into your summary.

The collation software feeds automatically into the reporting stage, saving more time overall.

Further analysis

Starting with the collated responses to a consultation we can analyse and interpret further to summarise a balanced picture of the participants’ views, to draw out the various strands of argument and to identify any issues that should be taken into account (such as campaign group activity) that might otherwise distort the results.


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