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Newsletter, October 2006

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Your Say 2017: Towards a Community Plan for Richmond

The Local Strategic Partnership for the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is undertaking a large and well thought-out consultation to feed into their Community Plan for 2007. They are asking questions around the five themes

  • Greener and cleaner
  • Healthier communities
  • Safer and Stronger
  • Children and young people
  • Vibrant and prosperous.

The consultation has a very high profile in the borough and a lot of effort has been put into making everyone aware that it is happening to ensure that the response rate is as high as possible, and making it visually attractive and accessible. A separate version of the consultation has been created for young people, addressing the same five themes but with more emphasis on issues of direct interest to them.

The consultation is an excellent example of the way in which an internet consultation can be used to empower local people by involving them in the shaping of their community.

Policing Priorities for the Metropolitan Police

Over the last four years the Metropolitan Police Authority and Metropolitan Police Service (MPA/MPS) have conducted a consultation with individuals and community groups in London on policing priorities, which we have run on their behalf.

The results of the consultation for 2006 have now been analysed and will feed into the planning process for the policing priorities for 2007/09. The results will help to inform the MPS Corporate Strategy 2007/10.

The next stage of this process, which is about to start, will involve an internal consultation whereby senior officers within the Met police will be given an opportunity to respond to comments made during the external consultation, and outline how they are currently addressing issues raised, and give possible solutions for the future. The internal consultation will be complete by Christmas and the final analysis of the overall integrated process will be available by March 2007.

The process used here illustrates how several stages of consultation can be used together to draw different types of stakeholders into the decision making process.

WRAP Quality Protocol for compost

Recent rulings by the European Court of Justice have led to a broader application of the definition of waste, leading to the conclusion that more things are waste and remain waste for longer.

This has had an impact on the use of compost made from certain types of waste because people have been unsure of when the compost could be considered to be fully recovered and no longer subject to regulations limiting its use. WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme) and the Environment Agency have produced a new Quality Protocol for compost in consultation with industry and other regulatory stakeholders. The Quality Protocol should provide a formalised quality control procedure for the production of quality compost from source segregated bio-waste.

Before the Quality Protocol is implemented, WRAP and the EA are widening their consultation on it, using a combination of an online consultation and a one-day workshop. The online consultation runs until 4th December and so far 369 people have registered. Who would have thought compost could be so interesting!


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