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Newsletter, August 2006

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The Civil Renewal Unit's audit of resources for community engagement and empowerment

Our colleagues at Involve have been commissioned by the Civil Renewal Unit to carry out a comprehensive audit of resources that support community engagement and empowerment. The objective is to build up a list of resources that people find useful as well as indicating where some of the gaps lie. This is a diverse field in which contributions are made by many individual practitioners and small companies as well as by the public sector, so any attempts to make it easier to find these resources are welcomed.

Involve are looking for your recommendations in the following areas:

  • Toolkits / Guidance
  • Evaluations / Case studies
  • Networks / Support Organisations
  • Training providers
  • Funding
  • Methodology Research

We think that good engagement is vital to the health of our democracy and this exercise will help to direct customers to the better practitioners and to generally raise standards in the engagement field. To take part in the audit go to the Involve website at http://www.involve.org.uk/audit and complete their template form. Dialogue by Design's work falls into several of these categories so please remember us if you think we deserve to be included.


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