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Newsletter, September 2007

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Introducing CitizenBase:
stakeholder management made easy

It’s the moment that we at Dialogue by Design have been warming up to for many months now. Our innovative new stakeholder management system, CitizenBase, is about to be launched upon the world.

Over the years we have found that one of the biggest challenges in managing large and complex engagement processes is to ensure we serve the participants. To do this properly, we need to know who and where they are, what interests and concerns them, what events they have attended and information they have asked for; in fact, everything that ensures they can be fully involved.

This is never easy, especially when the information is constantly changing. So our project managers have been creating, developing and testing our own stakeholder management system - purpose-designed for ourselves and other organisations which manage public and stakeholder engagement and consultation processes. It is far more than just another contacts management package.

CitizenBase is accessed online, and allows any organisation to custom-build a stakeholder directory. As you would expect, it enables you to collect, store, update and retrieve contact details of individuals and organisations securely and systematically.

But this is just the beginning. CitizenBase also allows you to create ‘areas of interest’ which can be used to identify the right target audience for consultation, event invitations, newsletters or other information. On top of this, you can create ‘categories’ to segment stakeholders by type (for example, as businesses, members, patients, staff or any other categories you require). You can then search for stakeholders within parameters such as postcodes, names, interests or categories.

CitizenBase also offers you a template for stakeholder analysis: you can create a checklist with several tiers, starting with different sectors, and ending with specific types of organisations or business areas. For example, if you start with the public sector, the checklist will remind you of different types of government bodies. If you choose 'central government departments' then the next tier could be government departments, government agencies and non-departmental government bodies. Once you have completed the checklist to your satisfaction you need never worry about inadvertently leaving some important organisation off your stakeholder list.

The CitizenBase system allows for varying levels of administration and editing access, which you can tailor for the individuals throughout your organisation. It’s this function that enables CitizenBase to be a constantly evolving system that can respond dynamically to the changing nature of citizen engagement.

CitizenBase is now being used in Dialogue by Design projects and we have made it as uncomplicated and intuitive as possible; not least because our entire organisation and many of our clients will be using it on a daily basis. It is now available for anyone to use. For further details please contact Pippa Hyam at Dialogue by Design either by email [email protected] or by calling 020 8683 6602.


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