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Newsletter, November 2006

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Sizewell A End Use Consultation

Sizewell A nuclear power station has generated electricity on Suffolk’s coast for 40 years. It is now owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) who will take it out of service on 31 December 2006. The Sizewell A + B Stakeholder Group (SSG) are inviting people to have their say on what the land at Sizewell A should be used for once the power station has gone.

Integrated methods of consultation are being used in this process including the use of a paper-based questionnaire, an online form, and a series of local community meetings. The meetings aim to encourage local members of the public to ask questions about how to participate in the consultation as well as to get involved in facilitated group discussions around the criteria for making the decision and the options for the site’s end use. They were a new approach for many who attended but were well received and resulted in diverse, rich discussion around both the criteria and their reasons for preferring or opposing end uses.

Submissions are welcomed up until the 24 November 2006 either via the consultation website or paper questionnaire available on request or at a selection of libraries local to Sizewell. Results from this consultation will be used by the SSG when they make their end state recommendations to the NDA in March 2007.

Sustainable Development Panel

The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) has just started the second stage of consultation on ‘Redefining Progress’ with their SD Panel. The theme continues through from the first stage and asks members to explore the findings from Session 1, review the interim report produced from the submissions to Session 1, and to refine their thoughts on wellbeing indicators. Members are also being given the opportunity to discuss and debate the topic of progress further with other panel members through a forum.

The SD panel is a good example of how deliberative processes can be used in a fairly large panel to debate deep issues in a cost-effective way.

Kent Waste Consultations

Kent County Council and the Kent Waste Forum recently completed their 10 week consultation period on their Joint Municipal Waste Management Headline Strategy and the Waste Development Framework Spatial Options. Over 1,000 people took part in either one or both of the consultations. Many people used the online consultation website and paper versions received were integrated with the online responses. It is expected that the summary reports for both consultations and the results will be available towards the end of 2006.


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