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Newsletter, January 2007

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Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Recently, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) conducted a consultation on an initiative they are leading called ‘energy efficiency in buildings’. This initiative, which has drawn considerable coverage in the press, aims to contribute to achieving a vision of ‘a world where buildings consume zero net energy’. The project will comprise three phases, each producing reports that together will form a roadmap to transform the building industry. The results of the first session of the consultation are expected to be available by the end of January.

Sizewell A end use consultation

As the process for consulting and reporting on the possible end uses for Sizewell A draws to a close the Sizewell A + B Stakeholder Group is gearing up to prepare its recommendations on ‘end state’.

Interestingly enough, there was a strong feeling for which ‘end use’ would be most supported for the Sizewell A site once it has been decommissioned: Recreational and Nature Conservation. However, there were also a lot of interesting suggestions that came up for alternative ‘end uses’ including a water desalinisation plant, prison/detention centre, an incinerator, and leisure facilities like a ski slope, water theme park or a pier/marina. Almost 60 submissions stated they would support a new station on the Sizewell A site and 24 submissions stated they would support alternative energy on the site but not a business park.

The results hope to outline the similarities and differences between the opinions of respondents according to whether they live close to the site or not, and also whether they or a family member work there or not.

The detailed results are expected to be available shortly via the consultation website.


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