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Newsletter, April 2007

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The sciencehorizons project has now been in full swing for nearly 3 months and both the small group discussion and large facilitated public events are being run all over the UK. Over 2,000 discussion packs for small group discussions have now been sent out, and the first responses are beginning to be returned on paper and entered online. Results can be viewed online as soon as they have been entered and you can already take a look at a variety of interesting responses from both small groups and facilitated discussions.

The first session of the sciencehorizons deliberative panel is due to take place this weekend at the At-Bristol science centre. Participants will discuss the sciencehorizons issues in depth at two day-long facilitated sessions, in order to provide us with insights into how people respond to the materials when they have the time and opportunity to explore issues in depth with others. The participants will have the opportunity to request further information and resources from experts to be presented to them at the next meeting.

We still want as many people as possible to join in and have discussions to help us get an understanding of people's hopes and fears and help build a picture of the complexity of some of these future challenges.

If you would like to run a discussion event with a local community group, friends, colleagues, or family, you can now view all the materials online and request them in hard copy from the website or by emailing [email protected].

If you are interested in facilitating a larger public discussion event please get in contact - we may be able to help with marketing, facilitation or a contribution to the costs.


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