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One of the most common forms of consultation is to ask people to comment on a document, whether a public policy document or an internal strategy paper. The process works well - but it is difficult to make the results truly transparent, and therefore harder still to involve participants in the evolution of a document through successive drafts.

Dialogue by Design’s document review process solves both these problems.

Working with the sponsors of the process, we divide documents into short sections and invite participants to answer general or specific questions about each section.

Our data analysis tool then enables us to collate and cross-reference the results, which in turn helps the document's editor or a project manager to track common themes and issues, and then re-draft the document.

Both the participants' comments and the new draft are then displayed on the website. Participants can easily see not only how their comments have been used, but how their views compare with those of others. They can then make further comments on the document taking others' opinions into account.

We have recently used the document review tool for The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London Waste Action, and Smiths Group.

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