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The Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police use this consultation process to engage with community groups across London on what they think policing priorities should be over the next 3 years.

As with many public sector issues, different groups and interests tend to emphasise their interests to the police regularly, but there is rarely an opportunity for different groups and interests to see each other's views and concerns and to influence each other as well as the MET.

We use our online consultation template, starting with a brain storm exercise which asked people their top ten priorities for the police. The results were grouped and collated and presented back to participants in an easy to view format.

Participants were then asked to select the groups of issues they feel are most important. Once again the results are collated and the results displayed.

The process ends with an opportunity for participants to comment on the shape of future contact with the police.

2005 will be the third year we hve run this process. In 2004 we added a document review element to the end of the consultation. This was internal to the MET and asked officers and staff to review the results of the public consulation and comment on strategy or actions to address the issues raised.

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