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The Energy Savings Trust - Energy efficient ways to consult on energy efficiency

The Energy Saving Trust wanted to ask its strategic partners what they wanted from a new government programme that supports and promotes best practice in energy efficiency in houses.

The Energy Savings Trust gathers the opinions of its strategic partners, such as architects, builders and trade associations, to ensure its operations are as widely 'owned' as possible. In this case, we used our software to gather and collate the partners' ideas on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) proposed new programme that will promote best practice in energy efficiency in houses.

The EST used the results to draft a new programme proposal, which we then posted on our Website. For this second session we asked the strategic partners to read the draft programme, review the comments they had all made originally, and then comment on the current draft document. We asked them whether they felt it reflected the results of the consultation, and what priority areas they felt were important.

Our software enabled us to put the results into an easily accessible format for the EST so that the draft document could be revised and a final proposal put to DEFRA.

Jennifer Butt, Project Manager had the following to say about the project:

'The Energy Saving Trust had a diverse and geographically widespread group to consult about the future of a Government-funded programme. Using Dialogue by Design enabled us to reach those people at a time when it was most convenient for them. We had in-depth contributions from over 80 individuals from across the UK. This was hugely influential on the future structure of the programme.'

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