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Newsletter, June 2007

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The Future of Nuclear Power

We are now in the 3rd week of consultation on the role of nuclear power in a low carbon UK economy. This consultation seeks views on whether the Government has considered the relevant arguments; whether they have considered the arguments reasonably and whether there are other important arguments they have overlooked. Participants’ views will contribute to the shaping of the policy on the future of civil nuclear power in the UK. It will help Government assess the arguments before it reaches its final decision on the future of new nuclear build.

People can participate in the consultation using the online consultation website or by requesting a printed version from the DTI Publications Orderline - the consultation closes at 9pm on 10 October 2007.

Alongside the online consultation process, a series of regional deliberative events are also being held. Discussion at the events will address the same key questions as listed in the consultation document.

Launch of this year’s Metropolitan Police Consultation on Policing Priorities

The websites for this year’s MPA/MPS consultation on London-wide policing priorities remain open until 9 July 2007. We have been able to add a new dimension to this consultation by inviting the more than 620 Safer Neighbourhood Panels across London to participate in the process. Sergeants who are responsible for a Safer Neighbourhood Panel have been provided with discussion packs, which include a step-by-step instruction of how to conduct the discussion with their panel members and also include stimulus material in the form of 10 issue cards. For 10 issues, which have received high priority scores in public consultations since 2003, a short description is given plus some information on how the Metropolitan Police deals with the issue.

The panel discussions aim to

  • prioritise up to three issues (of the 10) which the panel believes should be London-wide priorities for the MPS
  • explore why these are priority issues
  • explore what more panel members believe the MPS should do about these issues.

Running in parallel to the panel consultation, a consultation open to the general public mirrors this approach but has been tailored to allow for participation of individuals rather than groups. Both consultations will inform the development of the Policing London Strategy 2008-11 and the Policing Plan for 2008-9.


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