Consultation on Sustainability Appraisal for Homefield Sandpit

Chambers Runfold plc is seeking to have the existing recycling and landfill site at Guildford Road Farnham included in the Surrey Waste Plan to facilitate an increase in the permitted amount of material that may be exported off-site and the recovery of a wider range of materials, subject to the environmental protection of the amenities of local residents and other considerations.

A Sustainability Appraisal has been prepared and is available for download (to open this pdf document you need Adobe Reader, which you can download and install for free).

The Sustainability Appraisal can also be examined at the site offices at Homefield Sand Pit.

This website allowed you to comment on the Sustainability Appraisal for Homefield Sandpit. It was open from 3 August to 14 September 2007.

This online consultation process is provided by Dialogue by Design for Consultant Planning Group, acting on behalf of Chambers Runfold plc.