Surrey County Council has prepared a Waste Plan (2006) to cater for the sustainable management of the waste materials likely to be produced within the County. These waste materials are subdivided by category, and include household waste and inert wastes (demolition wastes, sands and soils). Sites for processing the inert wastes are listed in the Waste Plan, Policy WD2 iii (cf. pages C4 and C5 of Waste Plan01.pdf).

Chambers Runfold has an existing waste site at Homefield Sand Pit dealing exclusively with inert wastes, and is seeking to have the site included within Policy WD2, and has accordingly objected to the Waste Plan on the basis that it omits the Homefield site, and is therefore 'unsound'.

A Sustainability Appraisal has been prepared and is available for download (to open this pdf document you need Adobe Reader, which you can download and install for free).

The Sustainability Appraisal has been submitted to the Inspectors who are examining the Waste Plan to assess its 'soundness'.

Any comments on the Sustainability Asessment from statutory consultees, other organisations or residents are invited by this website. These will be analysed and a brief report prepared for the Inspectors by 17th September 2007.