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Newsletter, September 2007

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Metropolitan Police consultation on Policing Priorities

This is the fifth year in which we have run the Met’s public consultation on Policing Priorities and this year the process has been extended in several ways. We have carried out a completely new consultation, initially as a pilot, with Safer Neighbourhood Panels across London. We have developed a discussion guide around the main issues to help the sessions with Panels and we have used the results of previous years’ consultations to help participants to focus in greater depth on the ten issues of most concern to people.

The reports for both the public consultation and the one with Safer Neighbourhood Panels will provide insight into the following:

  • Which issues were most often selected as priorities
  • Why these issues are regarded as most important
  • The participants' level of awareness of how the MPS is tackling these issues
  • What additional measures the participants think the MPS should be taking.

The new consultation with Safer Neighbourhood Panels has generated a lot of interest, with a participation rate of over 60% and more than 3,000 Panel members involved. The findings have not yet been published but, besides covering the questions listed above, we are also planning to review the consultation from a process design point of view. As regards providing a ‘framework’ for a large number of groups, we will look into the question of how to get the balance right between, on the one hand, imposing the same standards on all groups so as to be able to compare results, and on the other hand, allowing them to tailor the process to their own circumstances.


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