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Newsletter, August 2006

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The office continues to expand

Last month we doubled the floor space in the office by taking over space from a neighbouring company. At last there was enough space to have a stretch without risking hitting someone in the eye! I exaggerate, but we all agree that the extra space has been needed for some time.

Almost as soon as the partitions were moved and the new desks installed new people have moved in to fill the space. In July we welcomed Hannah Vernon to help with the intensive Wider Implications of Science and Technology (WIST) project. Hannah gained her degree in 2004 and since then has been working in Accra, Ghana co-ordinating a programme of volunteering across the region, so her organisational skills will be very useful to us.

We are also delighted to welcome back Sarah Alder after a spell back home in Australia. The other project managers have been groaning under the weight of her workload while she has been away, so her return is welcome indeed!


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