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Newsletter, April 2006

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UK Sustainable Development Panel

The Sustainable Development Commission, responsible for supplying the government with robust and authoritative information in this area, has asked us to assemble a Panel of people who are experienced in fields vital for a more sustainable society. The Panel will act as a grass-roots resource. The first of its kind in the UK, it will be made up of approximately 1,000 people chosen from a variety of backgrounds and geographical areas across the UK.

The Panel will be largely virtual, with online engagement being the primary means of contact. A range of tools will be used to enable rich debate while minimising the need to spend time and money coming to events. Last week the first round of new invitations were sent out and we have been delighted with the response. We are up to about 60% of the target numbers with not one refusal to date.

The Surrey Waste Plan Consultation on Additional Sites

The 6 week consultation on additional sites for Surrey County Council’s Waste Plan is drawing to a close. Results from this consultation will inform the Surrey Waste Plan, which will be submitted to Government in June.

This is one of a series of consultations we have been running for authorities in Surrey over the past 18 months. The work has led to the development of systems for integrating very large numbers of paper-based responses with online feedback, a technical challenge as well as good practice in consultation management.


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