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Facilitated meetings

We have extensive experience of designing and facilitating face-to-face meetings in the UK and further afield. Our network of professional facilitators means we can undertake projects of any size, anywhere in the world.

Our experience ranges from international meetings for the chemical industry, through national workshops on government strategy, to local community-based workshops.

We are constantly extending our repertoire of facilitation methods by taking on new challenges, networking with colleagues in different fields, and attending international conferences. Virtually everything we do demands some degree of innovation and this in turn helps us to make meetings of every size as stimulating as they can be.

Deep Dialogue

We can provide third party mediation to resolve deep-rooted conflict through Andrew Acland, an international expert in the area and a member of the UK Panel of Independent Mediators.

Andrew has been involved in mediation since 1985, and his experience includes situations of political, commercial, organisational and community conflict. He has written and lectured widely on mediation and conflict resolution, and is the author of two well-regarded books on the subject, A Sudden Outbreak of Common Sense: Managing Conflict through Mediation (Century Business 1990) and Resolving Disputes Without Going To Court (Random Century 1995).

If you are involved in a dispute or an escalating conflict, or if you fear you are about to be and want to prevent it, Andrew will help you review every aspect of the situation and use his experience to suggest what might be done.


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