Council has identified a need for sharper positioning in the area of technical strategy. The project, which was launched at the IChemE's 2006 Assembly in Billingham by the Technical Vice President, Ian Shott, sets out to answer the question: "What does society need, what are the desirable outcomes and how can Chemical Engineers work in partnership with other stakeholders to make it happen?"

The process focuses on six themes: Sustainability & Sustainable Chemical Technology; Health, Safety, Environment & Public Perception of Risk; Energy; Food & Drink; Water; and Bioprocess & Biosystems Engineering, and takes the following form:

  1. Technical Policy Commissions have been established for each of the themes. The commission conveners, drawn from the IChemE's Subject Group, will champion the process. In the first instance a list of key challenges will be identified, along with a range of chemical engineering solutions and suggestions for positions that the Institution might adopt.
  2. The first phase of the stakeholder consultation will open on 4th September 2006. IChemE members will be asked if they agree with the proposed positions, if there are any missing and which they view as top priorities for action.
  3. The Technical Policy Commissions will analyse the views of the membership and use the feedback provided via these web pages to structure and focus their work on preparing draft position papers by the end of 2006.
  4. A second phase of consultation with the membership will commence in January 2007. IChemE members will be invited to review the draft position papers in the light of the analysis from the first consultation and comments on proposed action plans.
  5. The technical position statements are scheduled for publication in March 2007. The statements will form the basis of future IChemE contributions to government policy consultations, media statements and will be summarised in a major report to be published on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the granting of the Institutions' Royal Charter.