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Identifying and then recruiting the right people can be the single most challenging aspect of engagement and consultation.

We use three main methods:
1. Profiling to gather information and build representative lists
2. Networking to link to organisations and individuals with particular interests
3. Outreach to ensure ‘hard-to-reach’ and minority groups are not overlooked.


CitizenBase allows us at Dialogue by Design to work alongside clients, that we are running engagement projects for, to build, organise and manage a stakeholder database more effectively. We can link CitizenBase to specific consultations or events and maintain a record of every transaction (such as notification of an event, participation in a consultation process or an information request) involving each stakeholder.

CitizenBase enables us to:

  • collect, store, update and retrieve the names and address details of individuals and organisations securely and systematically
  • create 'areas of interest' which can be used to identify the right target audience for notifications of consultation, event invitations, newsletters or other information
  • create 'categories' to segment stakeholders by type (for example, businesses, members, patients, staff or any other categories according to your requirements)
  • search for stakeholders within parameters such as post codes, names, interests, categories.

CitizenBase is simple and intuitive to use, and can be accessed by both us and our clients via the web. We assist in the start-up of each CitizenBase by providing a template for the details of all current contacts to be inputted. We then import this data into the client’s CitizenBase, which can be branded with the client’s logo and colours.

Once logged into CitizenBase a clearly structured switchboard allows us and our clients to access all the functions outlined above.


"Citizenbase has been a vital part of our consultation process. Now we can see who we've contacted, who's interested and in what, and their details are there for us to use if we want to consult them again. It's great to have so much information all in one place." Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Further information

For further details please contact Pippa Hyam at Dialogue by Design either by email or by calling 020 8683 6602.


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