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Newsletter, July 2008


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EDF Energy Networks Consultation on the future of electricity distribution networks

EDF Energy Networks is the largest electricity distribution network owner in the UK, operating and managing the three licensed distribution networks that deliver power to homes and businesses in London, the South East and East of England.

Currently EDF Energy Networks is undergoing a Distribution Price Control Review process, which will determine the amount of money the company can invest in its networks between 2010 and 2015. Dialogue by Design assists in the engagement around this process. We have set up a consultation website, produced a 60 page consultation document, and will be organising a series of regional stakeholder workshops in September.

In terms of process design, combining workshops and online consultation has a number of benefits: The workshops provide an opportunity for EDF Energy Networks to present its proposals to key stakeholders, to receive direct feedback and to respond to questions directly. A welcome additional effect is the strengthening of relationships with stakeholders by meeting and communicating with them face to face. The online consultation, on the other hand, allows for input from a larger number of people, and is set up to process responses in a more structured and detailed manner. From the perspective of a workshop participant, the online consultation allows to contribute anything that could not be covered during the workshop, or to incorporate thoughts and ideas that came up after the event.

Royal Society of Chemistry Roadmap

The RSC is mapping out priorities for the chemical sciences over the next five to ten years and is asking their members and stakeholders to contribute their expertise to the task. They aim to identify the areas where the chemical sciences can have a major impact in tackling key issues facing Society, on both a national and global level and formulate respective long term visions. Dialogue by Design is assisting in this unique process that uses workshops and various online sessions to draft, review, re-draft and prioritise the issues. Issues ranging from agricultural productivity to vaccines and pandemics have been identified and a series of potential opportunities mapped out in each area. During the current stage (which closes 28th July) stakeholders are invited to add to, contest or add depth to these.

World Business Council on Sustainable Development Cement Sustainability Initiative

The WBCSD is working with the Cement Sustainability Initiative to consult with stakeholders on a series of best practice options they have identified for concrete recycling. They have prepared a draft report and are encouraging those who work in concrete recycling and its associated industries to comment on each section of their draft report. This is an excellent example of consulting at the right time, as the team preparing the report are keen to have their ideas challenged, their evidence base added to and even the layout and structure of the report commented on by participants. The report will be re-drafted after the online stakeholder dialogue comes to an end on 30th July and circulated to participants later on in the year, who will be able to see clearly how and where their input has shaped the document.


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