Consultation on IFC’s Policy on Disclosure of Information

IFC has begun a public consultation phase for the review of its Policy on Disclosure of Information. The consultation process includes a number of different avenues for stakeholder engagement, including this online consultation. More details can be found on the IFC Disclosure Policy Review website

In a parallel process, IFC is updating its Safeguard Policies. If you are also interested in participating in that online consultation, please visit:

Online consultation timetable

Registration (From 27 September 2004)
Participants can register to participate in the online consultation on IFC's Policy on Disclosure of Information and read background papers such as the current Disclosure Policy, the Disclosure Policy Concept Paper and a Briefing note.

Session 1 (8 December 2004 - 28 February 2005) - Consultation on Disclosure Policy Framework
Participants may comment on the document.

Session 2 (30 March- 29 April 2005) - Review of comments received
The collated results from Session 1 will be posted online.

Session 3 (Summer 2005) - 30 day comment period on new draft Disclosure Policy and IFC responses to input received
Participants will have the opportunity to review and comment on the new draft Disclosure Policy.

Session 4 (Autumn 2005) - Review of comments and process evaluation
The collated results from Session 3 and IFC's response will be posted online and the final policy will be published. Participants will be invited to evaluate the online consultation process.

We very much look forward to your participation.