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Entering text

To enter text, click inside the response box. The cursor will appear and you can then type your response.

Saving your response

There are three main ways to save your response

All three actions will save your responses for all questions that are on the page.


There are two ways to navigate within the consultation document section:

Using the scroll bar

If a scroll bar is visible at the right hand side of the screen, you may move it up and down by clicking on the scrollbar and dragging it up or down. This will allow you to view all the text in the current window.

Further assistance

If you are unsure of the purpose of the consultation or how the whole process fits together, you might find it helpful to read the sections Context information and/or Objectives.

If you are still experiencing problems with any aspect of this process, please contact Dialogue by Design on Tel. 020 8683 6602 or by email at [email protected].

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