Coastal Access
Natural England's Scheme: Consultation Version

This page relates to our public consultation on the Scheme (methodology) we propose to use for implementing improved coastal access under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009.

Closing: 6 pm on 5th February 2010


Part 9 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 requires Natural England to implement improved access to the English coast. Our local recommendations on this must be in accordance with a Scheme devised by us and approved by the Secretary of State.

Development of the Scheme has been informed by extensive research, ground truthing and ongoing discussion with our key stakeholders. This Consultation Version builds on the outline and draft versions of the Scheme we previously published in April and December 2008. It sets out the key principles on which we will base our access proposals at the local level, and illustrates how these principles will be applied in the main coastal scenarios. It explains the alignment approach on both the open coast and estuaries, and gives examples of potential alignments in sample coastal situations.

Once the consultation closes, we will finalise the Scheme in the light of responses, and submit it to the Secretary of State for approval. Implementation can only properly begin once this approval has been given.

Responding to the consultation

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Important note on scope of consultation

This consultation only concerns the content of the Scheme itself. We are not consulting on the content of the Marine and Coastal Access Act or the other relevant legislation that the Act amends: these provisions and amendments have been debated and settled in Parliament.

There is a separate Defra consultation, ending on 1st December 2009, about their proposals for an Order to be made under new section 3A of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. The Order would amend some of the provisions of that Act insofar as they affect coastal access. To comment on that consultation, please visit Defra's website.

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