Minerals Industry Research Organisation

Good Practice for Stakeholder Engagement in the Aggregates Sector


The Minerals Industry Reseach Organisation wanted to develop a set of guidelines to encourage local communities and aggregates operators to work together.











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MIRO wanted to create a set of best practice guidelines for carrying out stakeholder engagement processes around aggregates extraction. We carried out the project in two stages.

First, we facilitated a face-to-face meeting with some of the key stakeholders including aggregates companies, local authorities, pressure groups and community organisations.This meeting established what the guidelines should cover and identified some of the key stages at which engagement should take place.

Working with a planning consultant, we wrote a first draft and published it on a website within our document collaboration software. The first online session generated some 500 detailed comments on the document.

We re-drafted it and then put it back on the website for further comment. The second session produced more comments, and again these were incorporated before the document was delivered for design and publishing.