Pippa Hyam - Process Director


Pippa is one of the UK's leading facilitators. She is a pioneer in the use of stakeholder dialogue and participatory processes in decision making. Starting her career in information and communications at Friends of the Earth UK, she went on to work in Canada for a company dedicated to public policy decision making (PDA International). She went on to set up and run PDA's office in London for three years prior to setting up her own business. Pippa was a founder member of The Environment Council's Environmental Resolve Committee.

Pippa was responsible for the design and running of a project to develop a community waste strategy in Hampshire in the early 1990's, one of the UK's earliest examples of a participatory approach to community consultation and involvement. Following that she led a team in the design and implementation of a pan-European project for Shell to find a solution to the Brent Spar disposal problem. She has worked on projects as diverse as international consultations around gas exploration projects in Peru, mining projects in Madagascar, the development of best practice guidelines for the renewable energy sector, local Agenda 21 initiatives in local communities and strategic decision making workshops for corporations.

Pippa also works with a number of organisations to deliver training courses in facilitation and process management.